Nominated for the Chapter's Award for Best Text at the 2001 Montreal Fringe Festival

Neither a play, nor a stand-up show, Gaumontville is a hybrid of both, exploring the lives of a handful of very different people on Election Day in a small town. As the mayor makes one final appearance to sway the vote in her favour, and her opponent engages in some last-minute political mud-slinging, we visit 4 citizens of Gaumontville to see what effect, if any, this election is having on their lives. From a volatile aerobics instructor, to a sarcastic telemarketer, to a world-weary mother, to a disillusioned University graduate, the only thing more interesting than how different these people are is the one thing they all have in common - they long to be happy. "Gaumontville" will please your neurons…

"Isabelle Gaumont, la nouvelle version féminine d'Yvon Deschamps." - Francine Grimaldi, Radio-Canada

"Délicieux" - Sophie Pouliot, Le Devoir

"De l'humour incisif et ironique. De l'humour qui n'est pas con. On a pas fini d'entendre parler d'Isabelle Gaumont". - Isabelle Tanguay, Radio-Canada

"Isabelle Gaumont is like lightning on stage. Intense, original, with flashes of brilliance. And very, very funny." - Dave Rosen, Broadcaster CBC/Comedian

"A definite vedette in the making." - The Gazette

"Gaumontville is biting, edgy stuff from which no one escapes unscated." - Mirror